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NE•RS 2017 speakers | NE•RS 2017 – 10th Annual Conference on Nuclear Energy — November 8th, 2017


China General Nuclear Power Group
ATMEA Company
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)

Électricité de France
ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation
ALVEL, a.s.
CHEMCOMEX Praha, a.s.


Časopis All for Power


JMM Consulting


Rut BÍZKOVÁ   Director of the Central Bohemian Innovation Center, former Minister of the Environment and Director Emeritus of the Technology Agency

In recent years, Rut Bízková has been engaged in the management of research, development and innovation in public administration. In the long run, she has been focusing on new social trends, public administration strategies, not only in research and innovation, but also in the fields of economic policy, energy and environmental protection.
Currently, she is the Director of SIC, an organization that supports the interconnection of research organizations, companies and municipalities, and start-ups. In 2012-2016, she worked as the Chairwoman of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, five years previously as the Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic, and also Minister of the Environment in 2010. Since 1999, for four years, she was the adviser of the Deputy Minister of Energy, Metallurgy and Construction. She started her professional career at the Nuclear Research Institute (Řež), and she was trained at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.


Benoit BLASSEL   President and CEO of ATMEA, an AREVA and MHI company

Benoit Blassel joined the AREVA group in 2008 after graduating from the French National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology. In 2008, he joined to the Competitive and Standard EPR project, and supported the technical advisory committee of the ATMEA Basic Design project in AREVA NP. In 2011, B. Blassel joined the ATMEA Company as Configuration Manager, coordinating design evolutions in the frame the Generic Detailed Design project, the Safety Options Review by French Safety Authority and the bidding process in Jordan. From 2012 to 2016, he was nominated Deputy Project Manager for the Generic Detailed Design project of the ATMEA1 reactor, coordinating the different engineering teams of AREVA NP and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Since September 1st, 2017 Benoit Blassel has been appointed by the ATMEA Board of Directors President and Chief Executive Officer of ATMEA.


Aleš JOHN   Chairman, Independent Public Safety Committee for Dukovany site

Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Brno University of Technology (1972). In the year 1986 he finished his postgraduate studies at the Comenius University in Bratislava (Nuclear Energy and Ecology), and in 2003 he received MBA degree from the PIBS. His career in the energy sector began in 1982 at Dukovany NPP. There he held various management positions starting as a Chief Engineer for Radiation Protection, continuing as Deputy Director of Safety, to the Director of Dukovany NPP (1987–2002). During the years 2003–5 he was with ČEZ Division of NPP where he held high positions relating to external and international relations. In connection with this position he was associated with FORATOM in Brussels, where he acted till the end of 2007. In the period 1994–2010 he was the WANO Moscow Center Governing Board Chairman and a member of the Board of WANO. In April 2008 he was appointed as CEO and Chairman of Board of the Nuclear Research Institute Rež where he worked until 2013. Now he has been partner and independent expert in Via-Alta.a.s., he is works as member of expert group WANO MC, member and vice-president of Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic, Chairman of the NPP Dukovany Civic safety committee and member of the Association of Czech nuclear veterans. He publishes articles focused on nuclear energy, and often presents his views at conferences with themes Nuclear Energy, International Cooperation, Communications.


Jiří MAREK   NERS 2017 Conference Chairman

Jiri is the consultant in the field of power industry and is the Partner & Head Executive of JMM Consulting, Ltd. – a company focused on advisory services and organization of professional activities. After graduating from the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Technical and Nuclear Physics, he worked in research; he has been working in the power industry field since 1974 (until 1996 in ČEZ). For the last twenty years, he was the advisor of the Minister of Industry and Trade, chairman and vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board of ČEZ, a member of supervisory boards in several energy distribution companies and an advisor of Deputy Ministers of Finance. In these positions, he was dealing with the reorganization of state administration in power industry, the development of state energy policy, the establishment of the State Office for Nuclear Safety and with the preparation of the privatization of Czech power industry. He is occupied by publication activities, mainly in the field of nuclear power industry and has wide experience in organizing of international and specialized professional conferences and meetings. His positions are quoted on TV, radio and in economic periodicals. In 2014 Jiri was elected the President of the Association of Czech Nuclear Veterans.


Michal MEJSTŘÍK   Professor, Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University

Michal graduated from econometrics at the University of Economics in Prague and won a scholarship to the London School of Economics (1990-1991). Since 1997 he has been Professor of Economics and Finance at Charles University in Prague, where in Director position had built up the prestigious Institute of Economic Studies of the Charles University (1993 – 2010) graded by Shanghairanking among world Top100 economic universities . Since 1991 he has repeatedly worked as an external consultant to international organizations (USAID, World Bank, EC in the CEE and Asia), to the Czech government and a number of corporations alone or through EEIP, plc. In the past, he served in the supervisory boards of the gas companies VČP, ZČP and SMP, as Chairman of the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board. From March 2011 to 2014, he was a founding Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the newly established Czech Aeroholdig, plc., and lead successful negotiating team with the EC for CSA State Aid and the Czech Aeroholding, plc. He was also a member of the Supervisory Board of ČEZ, plc., Chairman and vice-chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic (ICC CR) and a member of ICC World Council. He is also a honorary consul of ROK (Korea).

Jaromír NOVÁK

Jaromír NOVÁK   Managing Director, Euroenergy, Ltd.

Jaromír Novák works in Euroenergy since 1993 and is the general manager since1995. He specializes in the methodology of construction investment, project management and project financing. Jaromír Novák manages important energy projects in the field of thermal and nuclear energy mandated to Euroenergy in co-operation with domestic and foreign companies; he is an external expert of the International Atomic Energy Agency in several countries and also a lecturer in project management training for Czech and foreign companies and schools. Between 1990 and 1992 he was deputy general director of ČEZ responsible for co-ordination of company development. Between 1982 and 1992 Jaromír Novák was active in the management of ČEZ Praha in different positions in the area of investments and launching operations. In the period from 1973 to 1982 he worked in Energoinvest (an engineering organization of ČEZ) on construction of power plants and later he participated in the planning and construction of the Dukovany power plant. In 1972 Jaromír Novák worked in different operation positions in Elektrárny Holešovice. He graduated University of Technology in Brno (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), and passed through the post-gradual study on the Czech Technical University (Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering).

Joonkyo SUH

Joonkyo SUH   Chief Representative, Czech Office, KHNP

Joonkyo Suh graduated from Keimyung University in Korea, where he received a B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering in 1992. He joined KHNP (then-KEPCO) in the same year and began his career in the field of construction engineering at the Hanul Nuclear Power Plant. He worked on the construction projects of the Hanul Unit 3, 4, 5 and 6 from their beginning to completion for 14 years until 2006. Afterwards, he continued his career by joining overseas projects in many countries such as Romania, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Finland, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Czech Republic. Importantly, he has worked as the Deputy Representative of KHNP in Finland, during the bidding process of Olkiluoto 4 Project for three and a half years and also worked as the construction manager of the Barakah Project in the UAE for one year. With his 11 years of experience in overseas project, he is now serving as the Chief Representative of the Czech Office of KHNP to facilitate cooperation between Czech nuclear power entities and KHNP.

Zdeněk ŠÍMA

Zdeněk ŠÍMA   Executive Head, Rosatom Central Europe

Zdeněk graduated from Prague School of Economics, major in foreign trade. Since 1983 he has been working at Skodaexport. Foreign experience was gained during his long-tem stay in Pakistan in 1989-92, executing power generation and metallurgy projects. During next years in Skodaexport, he was responsible for numerous projects abroad, mainly in power sector, metallurgy and oil & gas. Since 2009 he has been working for ČEZ, Department of new NPPs construction, being responsible for commercial management of projects. After a short employment at Chladici veze Praha he joined Rosatom, a Russian state-owned conglomerate, in 2012.
At present, in Rosatom Central Europe he is responsible for marketing entity especially for Czech Republic; Rosatom Central Europe manages its branch offices in Slovakia and Hungary.

Michal ŠNOBR

Michal ŠNOBR   J&T Group Adviser in Energy and Capital Markets

Since 1998, Michal Šnobr has acting as an external advisor to the J & T financial group in the energy sector, where has been intensively engaged in the last ten years. He is an active investor, a minority shareholder of ČEZ, and has been long-term involved in major J & T business not only in the energy sector. He has more than twenty years of experience on the capital market on which he has been operating since the second wave of coupon privatization. He was co-founder of the successful brokerage firm AKRO Capital. He is a co-founder and a major donor of the Humanity Foundation who supports people in training, education, sport, health care and leisure time use of the children and youth, as well providing assistance to disabled and socially disadvantaged people. Michal Šnobr is a graduate of the Czech Technical University in Prague, branch Economics of Building Management.


Ján ŠTULLER   Special Envoy for Nuclear Power

Jan Stuller graduated from the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering (FJFI) of the Czech Technical University, where he received a M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering 1982. After several years working in the Skoda Works (construction and commissioning of Czechoslovak NPPs) and in the Czechoslovak Atomic Energy Commission (inspector for nuclear safety), and after a special training in nuclear safety regulatory practices in U.S. NRC, Mr. Stuller was appointed the Chief Inspector and Chairman of the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SUJB) in January 1, 1993. In this position, which he held until 1999, he was responsible for the national regulatory framework in nuclear and radiation safety in the Czech Republic. From 1999 until 2008, Mr. Stuller continued his career in different positions at the International Atomic Energy Agency. As the Special Assistant for Scientific and Technical Affairs, he served as an advisor to the Director General of the IAEA and as the Head of the IAEA TC Europe Section, he coordinated the planning and implementation of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme in South East Europe and Central Asia.


Josef ZBOŘIL   Member Emeritus of the Presidium of the European Economic and Social Committee

He graduated from the University of Chemical Technology, Polymer Technology. His career was bound with a papermaking and chemical industry and energy issues on the energy consumption. In 1993-1997 he was President of the Papermaker Union, in the years 1995-2011 a member of the Presidium of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic (CIT). At the EESC in Brussels he worked on environmental issues and sustainable development. he was the rapporteur of many opinions on the issue of climate change policy and energy transformation of society (the climate negotiations, EU-ETS, renewables versus fossil primary energy sources, etc.) in sections for the Environment and Transport and Energy. He worked on the Committee on Industrial Change (CCMI) on raw materials, energy, renewable resources, transport, industrial policy. He also works in the BusinessEurope Industrial Affairs Committee. As the CIT representative he participates on work on the state energy policy and raw materials policy.

Patrick ZAK

Patrick ZAK   Pre-Development & Marketing Director, EDF – New Nuclear Projects and Engineering

Patrick Zak, who graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Industrielles et des Mines de Douai, joined EDF in 1982. He has been working for EDF for 30 years and occupied various management positions in different nuclear plants within EDF fleet, among which Cruas where he was appointed as Head of Operation Department from 1993 to 1998.
He has an international background as he was involved for operation in Daya Bay nuclear project in China in beginning 1990s, later appointed in EDF subsidiaries in Poland from 1999 to 2004 where he was head of commercial department in EC Krakow (1260 MWth / 460MWe cogeneration plant owned by EDF) and member of the board of EC Zielona Gora (coal cogeneration plant) in charge of a CCGT project (combined cycle gaz turbine). Back in France, he has been appointed as deputy project manager of UK EPR project in Engineering Division of EDF before being nominated as deputy head of EDF China Division in Beijing, in charge of development and asset management. Since the begining of 2016 is Mr Zak working in the “Development Division” of “New Nuclear Projects and Engineering Direction” as Predevelopment & Marketing Director.

Wenquan ZHANG

Wenquan ZHANG   Chief Representative, Prague Office, China General Nuclear Power Corporation

Zhang Wenquan joined CGN group in 1995 after graduated from the Sichuan University with a Master degree in nuclear physics. After 17 years working for Ling Ao nuclear power project and Taishan nuclear power project in various areas including licensing, contract and project management, Mr. Zhang moved to the international nuclear development department in 2012 focusing on the development of nuclear new builds in the western Asia and CEE region. He was appointed the Chief Representative of Central and Eastern Europe Office (Bucharest) in September 2015 and the Chief Representative of Prague Office in January 2017.